Technologically Advanced Saarinen’s Tulip Table – Mid Century Design Icon

Did you know there were major advances in manufacturing processes and material technology in the 20th century? Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table was the most technologically advanced furniture piece from the mid century modern era. Isn’t it amazing? Its appeal has outlived the period from when it was designed. It’s timeless! 

Back then, Saarinen’s table was revered for its techie materials and modern look, yet nowadays it continues to be a design icon owing to its stylistic shape and simple form. 

Ahead of its Time

Tulip Table

In 1956, Finnish/American Saarinen addressed the issue that was the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world resulting from the slum of legs underneath typical chairs and tables.” He devised the tulip shaped table, which ultimately got rid of the “slum” with its circular aluminum base and sleek pedestal. The Tulip Table’s curved, smooth lines of modernism was known as a classic of industrialism. It was ahead of its time! 

Considered a master of 20th century architecture and furniture design, Saarinens pieces were adored worldwide for their unique aesthetic. According to Elle Decor, two of his most iconic pieces – the Tulip Table and the New York TWA terminal – both share the same concept: fusing structural elements into one organic form!

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