The Arco Lamp: a Floor Lamp That Broke Outlines

The thousands of people who made the Arco lamp their favorite floor lamp allowed it to shine as that spectacular design that the Castiglioni brothers devised. It became part of a group of modern pieces that continued to have immense popularity.

It’s possible that, when it comes to Mid-Century Modern style, no other floor lamp is as well-known as the Arco lamp. Its image appears as a reference in virtually any literature that offers a simple explanation of this trend.

Besides, the most faithful copies, such as the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design, have become one of the most sought after, best-selling, and most acclaimed products.

One of the best achieved technical attributes of this design, which earned it universal acclaim, was its ability to provide overhead light even as a floor lamp.

Most floor lamps are made to provide ambient light, a type of general lighting within a compartment that serves as the basis for other types of lighting, such as task-based lighting and accent lighting.

An Arco lamp replica, on the other hand, can provide task-based lighting in a highly practical way since its reflector head can redirect the light beam to the point where it’s most needed.

The Arco lamp became such a popular product that, according to recent reports, there’s one in at least 10% of Italian homes. After becoming an icon of mid-century modernism, its fame, not surprisingly, reached a global level.

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