The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Choice For High-Ceiling Rooms

Have you ever wondered why floor lamps that can provide good and direct overhead light are so highly valued? The answer is very simple: this feature is directly related to task-based lighting; that is, lighting designed for those environments destined to become work areas of some kind.

The Arco lamp is especially known for its amazing ability to provide overhead lighting, something that’s extremely useful in a floor lamp. Not every type of overhead lighting is necessarily helpful for task-based lighting, considering that many ceiling lights provide indirect lighting. Task-based lighting is almost always powerful, focused, and direct.

Rooms with very high ceilings are often difficult to illuminate adequately, especially if they are compartments you want to use to carry out some activity or work that requires a good source of overhead light. Some products like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design also have this very useful feature, because they have been made according to the specific characteristics of the original design.

Furthermore, an Arco lamp reproduction also has one of the most attractive technical advantages of the original Castiglioni brothers’ design: a Carrara marble base that gives it stability, firmness, and allows the user to move freely around the reflector head suspended in the air without the fear of tripping, keeping the base at a distance of up to two meters from it.

Few designs are as suitable for living rooms with high ceilings as the Arco lamp, one of the most iconic designs of the Mid-Century Modern style and a very useful fixture that will make your life easier.

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