The Arco Lamp: a Piece That Dazzles With Its Marble Base

Marble is one of those extraordinary resources that make interior design an exciting and dynamic discipline. Far from being a cold and charmless stone, like any other, it’s still a material that expresses an astonishing elegance and modern sense. It’s not by chance that it’s such an important component of legendary pieces such as the Arco lamp, but it’s precisely what makes this type of work so special within its category. Used wisely and strategically, marble can make the ultimate difference between ordinary surroundings and stunning decor. The main idea is not to overwhelm with an excess of this material in visible areas, but in the places where it’s most convenient.

Imagine a living room, dining room, or even outdoors with the right dose of the appropriate marble. It’s something that your guests and visitors will most likely remember fondly. Many times, only a few special touches and finishes are enough. Remember that there are many different types of marble, with different colors, finishes, and origins. The marble used for the base of the Arco Lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is authentic Italian Carrara marble, a type of marble highly valued and well-regarded in the world of interior design and decor. All relevant aspects of the original piece were taken into account in this Arco lamp reproduction to offer a very similar product.

Discover the wonders of marble in your environment and make it the star resource of your decorating trend.

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