The Arco Lamp: An Amazing Design With Carrara Marble Base

Have you ever wondered why it was precisely white Carrara marble that the Castiglioni brothers chose for the base of their famous Arco lamp? The reasons are various, and we want to share them with you. First of all, we’re talking about a very symbolic material, which has been used since the ancient world in the creation of all kinds of artistic works, both sculptures and architectural pieces, which have made it a universally known material. Marble is a very precious resource. It’s made of fine, well-compacted granules. Currently, it’s a material that can be commonly found in home and office decors.

The creators of the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica made sure to include exactly this material in the design, in order to respect the specifications left by the famous Italian designers in their original piece. Experts automatically recognize the white and gray tones that define this material. A piece of Carrara marble is unique in its style, taking into account that it’s a resource extracted directly from nature. Therefore, there are no two exactly alike pieces of marble in the world. This makes it, in addition to being unique and authentic, a highly valued material for its aesthetic features.

The properties that made the Arco lamp a legendary Mid-Century Modern style design are many more besides its Carrara marble base. We invite you to discover its beauty for yourself and get dazzled by this amazing modern creation.

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