The Arco Lamp Keeps Being an Iconic Model Of Mid-Century Modern Style

It’s no secret that modern style decor is still in full swing and is enjoying immense popularity. It’s not surprising that some legendary models such as the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers are still trendy around the world. The other elements also prevail: bold colors, Danish sideboards, simple and minimalist designs, and a strong focus on comfort. It’s a style that has found its formulas to continue looking current. In this sense, many applicable recipes can work well in most cases, especially when you start creating a decoration from scratch and let the style guides you through selecting your furniture and fixtures.

The Arco lamp is one of those stellar designs whose fame took hold just like the style itself after World War II when the world began to experience a time of renewal and relative prosperity. The massive migration from urban areas demanded more practical and smaller designs, and people received with excellent eyes a lamp that could be easily moved from one place to another and whose components spoke of elegance and power.

Today, this piece is still so coveted that due to its great popularity, options such as the Arco lamp replica from Manhattan Home Design emerged. This product consists of a large stainless steel shackle up to ninety-five inches in height that ends in a position-adjustable reflector head. Besides, this Arco lamp reproduction also includes its solid Carrara marble base, completely faithful to the original product.

If you are a lover of Mid-Century Modern style and you want to add an iconic model of this trend that still reigns supreme in the taste and popularity of thousands of users around the world, an Arco lamp can become the star piece of your home or office.

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