The Arco Lamp: Perfect For The Home or The Office

Some MCM designs have managed to position themselves not only in the market but also among critics and the public as icons of their style. One of the most well-known cases, for example, is the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers, which is considered an icon of Modernism and one of the most functional and elegant pieces ever created. 

This particular floor lamp has many notable advantages: It’s the type of lamp designed to be moved from one place to another with greater ease and with the best use of light; it has an aesthetic function and a very important presence that adds great value to the decor and have a built-in stand that allows it to stay up at a convenient height.

Some floor lamps are specially designed to serve as a source of lighting for the user when reading. A lamp made for this purpose concentrates all its power on the book that the user holds. Some other MCM designs include support for two or three bulbs, regulation of light intensity, and others offer technical possibilities that allow the intensity of the light to be redirected to practically any corner where it’s needed.

Also, the light from an Arco lamp replica like the one featured by Manhattan Home Design can be quite useful in an aesthetic sense, made to reinforce the warmth of the environment and make it more interesting and welcoming. This Arco lamp reproduction achieves the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality that will be perfect to enhance the style of many places in the home or office.

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