The Arco Lamp: The Key To a Very Functional Place

The Arco lamp is extraordinary in many ways, and for more than one reason. Not only is it a type of floor lamp that’s very different from the rest of the artifacts within its category. It’s also a masterpiece of functional design and modernist aesthetics. Furthermore, it’s one of the few really key elements that can make the difference between an area of ordinary features and a highly ergonomic area. All this with the added value that it’s one of the most recognized models for its aesthetics and its pioneering modern elegance in its category.

Adding a Manhattan Home Design Arco lamp replica is a strategic step to increase visual interest, favoring the textures and bright accents that make up the first impression of the area. After all, this is an astonishingly faithful model to the original product presented by the Castiglioni brothers. Just admire its imposing stainless steel arch that adds sparkling shine to the atmosphere and its spectacular Carrara marble base, which provides a premium texture and a very interesting and first-class visual effect. That can only be provided by this material, which is extracted directly from nature and is one of the most precious resources in the world of architecture and interior design.

The advantages of an Arco lamp reproduction will surprise you from day one not only for its great aesthetic value but also for its high functionality.

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