The Best Eames Lounge Replica In The Market Is Back

This is the best Eames Lounge Replica with ottoman in the market today. You might not know the difference at first with other replicas, but we are here to tell you all about it, let’s dive deep into the manufacturing process to see how these are made. Aside from that, you can go right into the Manhattan Home Design website to learn more about it. This is the most incredible Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica that you can get right now. This is it: you won’t find anything that has this level of quality, aside from the original. What makes it so great: let’s look at some factors.


  • High-quality aniline leather

This is the dealmaker. The outstanding quality of the leather makes this Eames lounge chair one of the best products you can get for your money right now. The cushions are interchangeable and they are also filled with high-density foam to provide you with that sinking feeling that everyone knows and loves. This is only true of the replica sold by Manhattan Home Design, but you can see this if you go to their showroom in Manhattan, and also if you order leather samples from the company that will convince you of its quality.

  • Top-grade walnut plywood

The best in its class hailing all the way from South America to your door. The plywood panels are individually treated and blended together using special manufacturing techniques pioneered by the Eames couple, who created the original chair in the 1960s. This is the best plywood cut that you can get, other retailers choose to carve the wood directly into a piece for the frames, and this makes it less flexible or more prone to decay over the years. The Eames lounge chair replica with ottoman has all the specifications that makes it stand out from other manufacturers.

  • Silicone shock mounts

These are the joints of the chair. You will find that many people use rubber shock mounts on their chairs which also makes them prone to breakage and not very durable. With silicone shock mounts you get a chair that will not break and stands in the same quality standard as the original. This is also a manufacturing technique that allows us to offer a quality chair while keeping the price down to almost a third of what you would originally pay. If you choose to buy an original chair, you will see for yourself that you are only buying the brand name, which is what makes it cost more. The chairs that have the original brand name usually cost around $,6000, while this chair goes for about $1,000.


But seriously, there is no better place for you to get one of these chairs. Go to Manhattan Home Design and see for yourself. They have been doing this for more than 15 years now, and the quality of mid-century modern furniture is something that many people have taken advantage of to sell products that shouldn’t exist. Great replicas are hard to come by.