The Eames Office Chair Could Be The Most Important Element In Your Workstation

Would you be surprised if someone told you that body pains, especially in the back, are usually statistically more present in office workers than in people who work in other industries or sectors? This is not only a plausible reality, affecting millions of people around the world, but it’s almost always because they don’t have a sufficiently ergonomic and appropriate piece such as the Eames Office Chair. Indeed, sitting eight hours is not convenient for the health of any human body, but surely you’re among the people who need to do it by the nature of your work.

Probably nobody has told you before, but you should know that when you are sitting, your spine receives 300% more pressure than when you are standing. If you put your back under a pressure of this nature, it’s understandable that in a short time, you’ll suffer from orthopedic diseases, muscular, and skeletal discomfort. A successful workstation is defined not only by elements with style and aesthetics and sufficient resources but also by its ergonomic characteristics, that is, how the physical and psychological elements that compose it are adequately adapted for use by human beings.

The Eames Office Chair is part of the Aluminum Group collection and is available for purchase online at Manhattan Home Design.

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