The Mind Behind The Flag Halyard Chair

It’s worth looking back to discover the work of one of the most amazing furniture designers of the last century, whose legacy is made up of many valuable designs, among which the Flag Halyard Chair is simply one of the most remembered.

The most curious thing about this particular model is that it’s one of the very few in which wood is largely absent because it’s precisely its chromed iron structure, flag halyard, leather upholstered pillow, and sheepskin cover the selection of materials that broke the continuity of wooden designs that, until then, had been constant in the Wegner’s collection.

The numbers on this designer are staggering. His total collection is estimated at more than 1200 pieces. Of these, more than 500 were chairs, almost all made of wood, and more than 100 were produced with great success and recognition.

The talented creator raised the prestige of Danish furniture design to the highest level with transcendental pieces that followed the trend of the moment and are still valid today. It’s not for nothing that some stores specialized in modern designs, such as Manhattan Home Design, which include the Flag Halyard Chair replica in their catalog.

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