The Napa Sofa Can Be The Ultimate MCM Piece In Your Living Room

Although many people don’t know the keys to get a modern decor, the truth is that only a masterpiece like the Napa sofa is enough to evoke everything that those golden years meant for the world of furniture design. It’s no coincidence that from the 1930s to the 1960s, the world knew about several of the most amazing, revolutionary, and far-reaching furniture and fixture designs that have been seen to date and that would mark a style that would prevail during much time; more than fifty years in the future. These pieces, classified within a decorating style that was called “Mid-Century Modern”, presented aesthetic and functional characteristics that maintain a very important coherence and similarity.

Today, it has become very common to find a living room, dining room, and even a bedroom or office environment decorated in a Mid-Century Modern style. However, as with other decorating styles, it can often become difficult to determine what type of style we are facing and know how to correctly call it by name. The reality is that many are similar to each other and others are mergers between elements of one style and another (such as the Transitional style, for example, which mixes elements of the classic and the contemporary). However, certain characteristics can make easier the task of identifying an MCM layout.

A midcentury sofa is the most obvious mark of a modern layout since normally this piece is the focal point of a living room and the element that best represents the rest of the style. Discover everything a modern sofa can do for your living room, whether covered in leather or fabric, and put the ultimate MCM stamp on your home.

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