The Napa Sofa: Your Children’s Best Friend?

Surely you’ve heard or have ever read in sites specialized in interior design and decor that some materials are friendlier than others when you have small children at home and if we talk specifically about upholstery, the Napa sofa may be an option that’s worth considering.

This midcentury sofa has very attractive and soft tan leather upholstery that can be easily cleaned with a damp tissue, especially if they are easy-to-remove stains.

Unlike fabric sofas, leather is much more permeable, warmer, and ideal for allergy sufferers since it doesn’t collect the same amount of dust.

Another great advantage of this modern sofa is that it has very generous dimensions, focused on comfort, an aspect that’s also highly favored by its comfortable seats.

Leather upholstery can indeed be much more vulnerable than fabric to the action of sharp or pointed objects, so your children shouldn’t play with such tools near the furniture.

Likewise, if you have pets at home that have very sharp or protruding claws, it’s best to keep them away from the furniture and educate them not to approach.

In this way, you’ll prevent holes or cracks from appearing in a short time on the elegant and appealing surface of this model that’s the vivid reflection of Mid-Century Modern style and will amazingly adorn your spaces.

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