The Noguchi Table: a Piece of Art For Your Living Room

The Noguchi table is, in many imaginable ways, a masterpiece. Not only because it was a design that completely revolutionized the preconceived schemes that were had for that moment of the structure that a table of its category should have, but it dared to be part of the modernist trend that was beginning to invade the world of architecture, interior design, decoration, and, of course, furniture design. The physical, technical, and functional characteristics that its creator, Isamu Noguchi, presented in this model, generated very positive reviews and caught the attention of many people, both common users, and specialists who saw in the work of this artist an important contribution to this revolutionary trend which would later be named “Mid-Century Modern”.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of this piece is that its shapes and lines are biomorphic; that is, they emulate the smooth shapes and curvilinear designs of the natural world, making them look as if they’re trying to emulate a living being. In fact, the Noguchi Table is said to be a piece with such a unique and artistic aesthetic that it can come to seem like a very special type of sculpture.

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