The Noguchi Table: a Useful Piece For The Center of Your Living Room

It’s not hard to imagine why a piece as iconic as the Noguchi table would easily become the focal point of any décor, especially in a setting dominated by the Mid-Century Modern style. However, this piece is not important and useful only for its aesthetic value, but also for its functionality. The Noguchi table quickly becomes the ideal place to put any number of objects that we use every day in our daily lives: the keys to the house, the cell phone, the remote control of the TV, the chosen book to enjoy a few hours of reading, and especially the drinks and snacks with which we share a pleasant moment with family and friends.

Despite all the aforementioned, it’s curious that the coffee table is an element that is sometimes left to the last moment in the remodeling and furnishing processes of an area. However, a piece as amazingly artistic and original as the Noguchi table would never go unnoticed by anyone. Also, having this amazing design in the center of your living room doesn’t necessarily imply the investment of a fortune since the Noguchi table replica by Manhattan Home Design costs three or four times less than the original design.

Add a Noguchi table reproduction to your living room layout and turn this favorite area of your home into a highly functional environment.

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