The Noguchi Table Can Add Art And Style To Your Layout

Understandably, the main reason why you chose the Noguchi Table as one of the main pieces in your living room is for the simplicity of its features, and its great functionality. The emphasis on simplicity and practicality without abandoning a particular and direct aesthetic made this style gain immense popularity that spread throughout the planet, making this piece one of its most evident exponents. This, inevitably, would prepare the ground for the appearance of specialized stores in this style and also various replicas such as that of Manhattan Home Design. As can be seen, this particular example is a very faithful Noguchi Table replica of the original product, capable of offering very similar results at a fraction of the cost.

One of Isamu Noguchi’s best-known quotes is “Art should become as one with its surroundings”. Many experts believe that one Noguchi table replica is a perfect and very appropriate example to explain this phrase since it’s a piece that achieves a very remarkable balance between delicacy and strength. Also, it’s intended not only as an individual element but also as an artistic object capable of enhancing the expressiveness of an environment and adding a lot of visual interest. In fact, many consider it a “sculpture designed for mass production” focused on functional purposes.

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