The Noguchi Table Is a Piece That Broke Schemes Within Its Category

The prominence of its design makes the Noguchi Table a remarkable piece for its aesthetic attributes. The smooth and curved lines of this table make it a biomorphic design, that is, it imitates the lines and shapes of nature. Besides, it’s a piece devoid of small details or multiple ornaments, which is a typical characteristic of the revolutionary designs of its time. In its most technical aspect, its astute combination of materials as recognizable as glass and wood gives it familiarity and warmth.

Its hand-carved wooden base is made in different colors, depending on the color scheme to which it’s wanted to integrate (beige, white, black, brown, and walnut are usually the most common), and it’s one of the most distinctive components of the piece. Plus, its triangular tempered glass surface with obtuse angles adds a touch of class and enough visual appeal to make it a potential focal point in the middle of anywhere it’s added. Its artistic value makes it a valid option for almost any current style you want to integrate with.

The Noguchi table was not the only revolutionary piece of its time. The furniture of the Mid-Century Modern style was innovative and revolutionary for presenting a fresh proposal, according to the trends, lifestyles, and the way of thinking to which the world was gradually making its way.

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