The Noguchi Table: The Reflection of an Outstanding Talent

The Noguchi table is probably the best-known and best-selling piece of the famous Isamu Noguchi, but in the same way, it’s a work of art that vividly reflects the extraordinary mind of this artist who knew how to combine various materials and aesthetic elements amazingly well to create remarkable designs. The respected career of this Japanese-American began from the moment his mother entrusted him with the garden of the new house when he was eight and made him the ward of a local carpenter. Years later, Isamu moved to the United States, and it was there that his desire to be an artist was definitely established.

Some of his teachers were the creator Mount Rushmore and Gutzon Borglum. Isamu also took evening classes at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art. According to the records, Isamu’s first exhibition was a collection of plaster and terracotta works, which he presented just three months after entering the institute. This meant a career built on solid foundations, and from then on, the artist would spend the following years traveling the world: New York, Asia, Paris, etc. He even worked as a carpenter in the Japanese internment camps during World War II. His work includes everything from swimming pools to baseball fields and cemeteries.

Although Isamu Noguchi designed for a wide range of media, including architecture, landscaping, and sculpture, furniture design is one of which he is most famous for. Add a Noguchi table replica to your layout and have a piece of art in the center of your living room.

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