The Ophelia Bed: The New Companion of Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered how important the bedroom is to your everyday life? If you review the statistics, you’ll realize that, on average, you spend a third of your life sleeping, which makes the need to buy a platform bed frame every so often. It’s not always necessary to have a wood bed frame fresh from the factory, and there are some models, like the Ophelia bed, that can last for many years and still look and feel amazingly good. However, the signs that your bed needs replacement are often quite obvious: muscle pain, back problems, and hours of sleep that don’t give you the rest you need.

Imagine for a moment all the ways you can improve your life thanks to a modern bed frame. If you’re full of insecurities about what would be the best type of bed for you, you should always keep a few important aspects in mind before making a decision. The style of a bed is defined by the materials, the shape, the details, and the functionality that it can offer you. A mid-century bed frame is usually sufficient for bedrooms with minimalist decors. Classic decors can look better with models full of details and aesthetic with a very thorough sense of detail.

Although there are currently many furniture stores online, when it comes to buying a new bed, it’s not always the best to settle for seeing it on a screen. The best thing is to be able to experience the touch of the piece, verify its dimensions, and if it really is as it seemed. Some online stores specialized in Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces, such as Manhattan Home Design, offer a wide variety of models in their catalogs.

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