The Stylish Shape of the Organic Tulip Table

Finnish born Eero Saarinen is internationally recognized as an Organic Modernist architect and designer who reinvented domestic and industrial design.

Not only was he appreciated for his architectural works, he also played a fundamental role in the furniture design industry of the 1940s.

Most of the pieces, including the Tulip Table, became icons and benchmarks of the mid century modern era when materials, functions and forms took a whole new direction when compared to the past.

tulip table

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The TWA terminal in New York and the Tulip Table, two of his most iconic pieces ever, share the same basic concept – fusion of structural elements into one organic shape! Produced ever since 1956, the sleek Tulip Table was born to pair with the Tulip Chair designed one year earlier.  

Being the first single leg table ever, also known as pedestal, this masterpiece found fame overnight. This mastermind naturalized in America had a “holistic” approach to design, and knew exactly how to balance technology and art, while combining an insatiable technical curiosity with his artistic skills.

tulip table

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Early on in the development stage for the Tulip Chair and Tulip Table, Saarinen reportedly told his friends, “We have chairs with four legs, with three and even with two, but no one has made one with just one leg, so that’s what we’ll do.” 

Saarinen’s first design of the Tulip Table was one of the first furniture pieces made in molded plastic. Even if the base was made in strong cast aluminum, the pedestal made of plastic back then wasn’t resistant enough to hold up a table top.

tulip table

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The Tulip Collection was born in the 1950s. Not only did the Tulip Table find international success, but it also became an instant icon of mid century modern furniture design, keeping its futuristic look after all these years. 

Available in dining, coffee, bar and side sizes, with different top sizes and colors, from white to black Tulip Table. And, it comes with table tops in marble, laminate or wood with a powder coated round metal base. All the variants feature its unmistakable organic form!

tulip table

We hope this info truly inspires you. As you can see, the stylistic shape of this organic beauty by Eero Saarinen will level-up any interior. For Tulip Table replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for over a decade. 

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