The Tulip Table: a Sculptural Piece That You Can Use

When Mid-Century Modern began its reign, around the 1930s, the general public showed great interest in the aesthetic characteristics of the most famous pieces of the time. There were several decades of innovation in which some trends such as biomorphism played a very important role in the appearance of designs such as the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen.

This piece, whose main technical innovation was the permanent elimination of the four legs to replace them with a single conical column that supported the surface, had delicate, interesting features, and a gleaming finish that attracted attention and earned it a kind of fame that, until today, hasn’t died.

These characteristics can be observed even on a black Tulip table. It’s a glamorous piece that transforms the place’s atmosphere where it is because it oozes personality and originality from the first meeting. It’s the closest thing to a work of art you’ll find in the world of modern furniture design.

Some online stores like Manhattan Home Design sell the Tulip table replica and its entire collection of variants, which make up a diverse and dynamic catalog that varies in sizes, shapes, finishes, and materials. When you can admire the value of this piece at your indoors or outdoors, you’ll realize why many consider it a sculpture that deserves to be part of any MCM layout.

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