The Tulip Table: an Extraordinary Design in Many Ways

Professional interior designers have agreed on one thing over the years: the coffee table is one of the most underrated objects among all the furniture pieces that make up a modern layout. This is more than anything curious, considering that some extraordinarily well-valued models such as the Tulip table can represent much more than what meets the eye.

The coffee table is an impressively useful item in most cases. It adds a very special kind of functionality that users often notice after setting it up and find that it’s the perfect holder for placing drinks and snacks during pleasant nights in front of the TV, enjoying their favorite series and movies.

However, beyond that, models like the black Tulip table can add the perfect accent tones to settings with a predominantly neutral or very light color palette. It’s no coincidence that the Tulip table replica is among the best-selling and best-valued products in online stores specialized in modern furniture pieces such as Manhattan Home Design.

Ever since Eero Saarinen brought this magnificent collection of pieces to the world in 1956 he has set a phenomenal precedent for the breaking of schemes in coffee table design. He transformed the traditional way in which tables were created until then.

Thanks to his innovation, originality, and how he conceived and redefined the way of designing tables, the Mid-Century Modern style currently presents an astonishingly varied and interesting catalog that to this day continues to fascinate new generations.

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