The Tulip Table: an Original and Immortal Modern Collection

It’s surprising how many modern designs have prevailed through time, remaining authentic icons of the Mid-Century Modern style, perpetuating and honoring the memory of their creators. A clear example of this is the Tulip table

This piece is not just a model but a collection of pieces that are known by that name thanks to Eero Saarinen’s main idea: a single column biomorphic structure that replaces the usual four legs that previously made up the usual prototype of a central table. Saarinen’s proposal, inspired by the tulip (which gives the collection its name), turned out to be revolutionary and innovative, recognized for its originality and elegance.

Additionally, the Tulip tables make up a collection that includes pieces of different sizes, heights, shapes, and materials. There’s even the black Tulip table, suitable for certain settings.

Some online stores specialized in products of this trend, such as Manhattan Home Design, sell the Tulip table replica in its different versions: Tulip 60 “Rectangle Dining Table, Tulip 47” Round Walnut Dining Table, Tulip 40 “Round Marble Dining Table, Tulip 47 “Square Wood Top Dining Table, Tulip 60” Rectangle Dining Table, and many more.

The Tulip table family is a prime example of minimalism and the power of elegance based on simplicity. It’s the product of a creative mind that knew how to see beyond the schemes and preconceptions to create a design that, more than fifty years later, continues to work very well in the vast majority of decorating styles of homes and offices.

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