The Tulip Table Is an Innovative Masterpiece For Your Spaces

The very name of the piece is inspiring, and this is not surprising when you discover that it’s a whole collection of tables that were born from the inspiration of a flower. The Tulip table is not only an iconic design of the Mid-Century Modern style, a valid and beautiful example of biomorphism, and an innovative table that takes full advantage of the characteristics of Modernism to offer a daring proposal, very different from the usual coffee tables. Besides, the collection includes some larger models that are ideal for any dining room or kitchen in which you want to reinforce originality and functionality.

Saarinen’s designs were so successful that a single piece today can cost several thousand dollars, mostly because of the reputation of the brand and the quality standards to which these pieces of furniture are manufactured. However, this same reputation allowed some very valid proposals and incredibly faithful to the original pieces to appear on the market.

A very remarkable example of this is the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design. These pieces are sold at only a fraction of the cost of the original; in fact, this manufacturer includes in its catalog a Tulip table reproduction of each of the pieces that make up the collection. Therefore, it’s now much more affordable for an average user to have access to these wonderful works of art.

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