The Tulip Table Is The Summit Of The Useful And Beautiful

Have you had the opportunity to review the catalog of modern coffee tables that are available in hundreds of furniture stores? If you have, you may have already noticed that there are practically as many options as you can imagine, and this is something that can make the task easier or more difficult, depending on each case.

That is to say: having so many diverse options at hand is worth being grateful for, but you only have to look at a Tulip table to understand that some models are much better achieved than others.

First of all, the aesthetic characteristics of the Tulip table are, from a certain point of view, far above those of many other more common tables. After all, it’s a model that broke schemes and radically transformed how tables were traditionally conceived: four legs and one table.

Biomorphism was imposed to offer a model inspired by the shape of an open flower. If you have never used this type of table, you won’t understand how good it feels to have your feet free without having to box them in the middle of the four legs.

The design was so successful that even the Tulip table replica is produced today in a wide variety of models with different materials, shapes, and colors. There is, for example, the black Tulip table, the Tulip table with a wooden top, the high Tulip table (accent table), the lowest model that’s used as a coffee table, and the different sizes of all of them: 40 “, 60 ”, 78”, and many more. Besides, Tulip tables are available with different types of surfaces: square, oval, rectangular, round, etc. The Tulip table is the design you must discover.

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