Things To Consider Before Getting Your Eames Lounge Chair Reproduction

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before buying an Eames lounge chair replica. Firstly, it is one of the most copied items in the history of architecture and home design. Secondly, everyone loves it, so there’s a big market for it with a huge demand, if that wasn’t clear from the start. These two points of view force potential buyers to do some research before buying, as constant reproduction has caused the best replicas to blend in the crowd. How do you spot a quality Eames Lounge chair replica? How do you make sure it stays true to the original design?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Eames lounge chair for yourself, you need to hold that thought. You could easily fall for one of the million scams and poor-quality reproductions out there. Built in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Lounge chair replica was intended to be mass-produced and affordable, bringing the best of modernist design in Europe to America in a gorgeous, sleek package that represented the spirit of the postwar middle classes that were beginning to thrive in the latter half of the 20th century.

If you want to know what makes a good Eames lounge chair reproduction, first and foremost, look for a five-leg base in the chair and a four-leg base in the ottoman. This is not a crucial part of the chair’s ergonomics but it follows the original design by Charles and Ray Eames. Also, see that the cushions are interchangeable. The designers intended for people to switch between the three cushions to avoid losing comfort and to make them last longer. Also, ask about the shock mounts in the back of the chair. These are the two phone-shaped connectors that join the headrest with the lower back cushion. Are they made of rubber? Most shock mounts are, and that leads to breakage and malfunctioning after a few years.

Great replicas will have silicon shock mounts, which last forever. Also, does the chair recline? It has to recline all the way! The natural angle of a great replica is about 15 degrees. After you check for these details, also check if the cushions are replaceable and interchangeable, this was one of the primary design breakthroughs that made the ELC what it is today. If your seat cushion became too flat from long sitting periods, you could just change it by the one on the ottoman, and vice versa. Each cushion should have two big buttons as well

The price is also a very important aspect of the purchase, after all, an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman combo costs about $6,000. This means that there are a lot of knockoffs that scammers that try to sell for about $4,000. The truth is a great replica will never surpass $1,500. You could go as far as $2,000 for luxury materials, but if the chair is just above the $1,000 mark, you’re good to go. For this very reason try to stay away from replicas that cost less than $500, because they tend to be very poorly made, and most of them (when compared) don’t look at all like the real thing. The $600-$1,000 range is fine, and the closer it is to $1,000, the better it will be quality-wise.

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