Top 3 Mid Century Sofas – From Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Chesterfield Sofa

Whether mornings with kids, watching TV or enjoying some friendly conversations, sofas, undoubtedly, get so much use. So how can you pick a sofa that’s both stylish and versatile? 

Try a leather one like the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa with a classic edge. Leather sofas are easy clean, offer longevity, effortless elegance and come in a range of styles, shapes and colors to blend with any decor. 

Our collection includes compact mid century modern sofas to large leather ones. From Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Eames Sofa to Chesterfield Sofa, we’ve even found some fine leather ones that get better with age. 

1. Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa

Reviving the modernist aesthetic of the 20th century, the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa is a stunning merge of comfort and vintage charm. Perfect for modern living rooms, sophisticated receptions or high-end offices, this sofa will make a great first impression. 

Encased in a American walnut wood, the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa is pretty from all angles. The spacious seat is wrapped in fine leather, it’s cognac hue complements any style.

2. Eames Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Add a timeless touch to your home with an Eames Sofa. This sofa effortlessly blends wood, leather, and aluminum to create a poignant design that has stood the test of time. 

The Eames Sofa was the last piece of furniture produced by Eames Office and has been in continuous production ever since 1984 thanks to high demand. 

3. Chesterfield Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Capture that old-school lounge style in your space with the classic tufted Chesterfield Sofa wrapped in leather. Diamond tufting graces the backrest and rolled arms, each detail tailored by hand for artisanal quality. 

Settle for nothing less than breathtaking. Relax into the memory foam cushions and enjoy a seating experience that feels comfy

We hope this info inspires you. Did you like this article? We’d love to know your feedback! Which of these mid century modern sofas is your favorite? Ours is the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa due to comfort level and elegance. Its sleek tufted-free back is chic! 

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