Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Add a Noguchi Table To Your Living Room

Wondering why you should choose the Noguchi Table as your favorite coffee table? Here are 5 reasons why you should make the final decision:

  1. It’s still an iconic piece. The fact that it’s one of the most well-known and important designs of the Mid-Century Modern style, known by professional designers and common users, and that it’s present in millions of spaces around the world, makes it an iconic piece with great representative power, impossible to overlook.
  2. It’s an emblematic example of biomorphism. Surely you have heard of this form of aesthetic expression: emulating the shapes of nature through smooth lines, curves, and forms typical of living beings. Whenever anyone tries to explain what biomorphism is all about, remember that the hand-carved wooden base of the Noguchi table is one of the best examples.
  3. Its amazing tempered glass surface. This is undoubtedly one of the elements that make it look more elegant and attractive in the middle of any area, especially in well-lit spaces. The triangular surface of your table is something your friends will remember.
  4. It’s still unique in its style. The Noguchi table continues to be a mark of distinction and originality in terms of tables within its category, regardless of how popular it is. It’s the type of furniture piece that could easily become the focal point of any layout.
  5. You can buy it in various colors. The manufacturers of this table, including the companies that create the most faithful replicas, continue to include in their catalog different options among which you can choose the color of its wooden base, to better suit the color scheme of your area.
The Noguchi Table
Source: Architonic

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