Top 5 Ways to Use The Noguchi Table

We all know that the magic of details can radically change the appearance of a space. There are many styles of indoor decoration whose main attraction is based on those small things that give a touch of beauty and personality to a living room, bathroom, bedroom or a kitchen. The Noguchi table is one of those small great details you can use to give your living the touch of particular aesthetics you are looking for.

Designed by Herman Miller in 1948, this table is just an example of what the broad catalog of the modern mid-century style has to offer. Never forget that traditional can be the key that gives your home the personality and good taste you are trying to get to delight yourself and your guests.

Noguchi table
Source: Manhattan Home Design

Next, we are going to give you a few suggestions to help you get the best look out of your layout if you have chosen a Naguchi table to be one of the main stars in your living room. Check out these top 5 ideas to use your Noguchi table.

5 top Ways of Using The Noguchi Table:

1.- The place of your favorite plant. You have the perfect plant, but you simply haven’t found the ideal place to display it in all its splendor. What about your Noguchi table? A plant not only provides a natural touch to the painting, but it can also be an object of great beauty, no matter if it’s natural or artificial. A table like this, with a small plant in the center, can certainly look splendid.

Noguchi table

2.- An intellectual and relaxed touch. Surely you heard someone say once: ‘I love how my books look on the shelf!’, Just as if it was talking about decorative artifacts and not literary pieces. However, whether or not you are fond of reading, do not underestimate the contribution that books can make to the aesthetics of a living room. The secret is to know where to place them, how many books to place and the type of books you are going to show. Some are quite precious. This table with 3 or 4 beautiful stacked books can give it that interesting intellectual hue you are looking for.

3.- Bet on the simple and subtle. Sometimes, finding the perfect configuration to your space and the organization you need, can be a challenge. If you have just moved, you’re remodeling or you’re simply doing a deep cleaning and getting rid of many things that you no longer think you need, always remember that the Noguchi table, by itself, will look splendid in any place you choose to place it. Stripping it of any ornament and leaving it exclusively to place your coffee cup when you sit down on the couch to talk with a friend may be the best decision.

4.- The stage of your best ornaments. If contrary to the above, you are one of those people who prefer the exotic, outstanding, and you like to fill any space with many precious details and ornaments of all kinds, the most direct recommendation is that you choose wisely the ornaments you will wear on your Noguchi. Be sure to choose ornaments of appropriate sizes, which are not excessively heavy so they won’t mistreat the glass surface and are not too many of them, so as not to make it look overloaded. Choose only the most precious ornaments and the ones that you think could become the center of attention.

5.- Colors, space, functions. This table is marketed in a varied catalog of colors from which you can choose according to the color palette that predominates in the place where you plan to use it. The color of your furniture, your carpet, your plants, the most remarkable fixtures and even the predominant tones in some piece of art that you’re displaying on your wall… Everything, together, will shape the image you are going to project. Also, if your room is very spacious, keep in mind that the way you distribute that space is also key so that it does not seem too crowded or too empty. Place your Noguchi table on the most convenient spot, always keeping in mind that it’s not just an aesthetic element, but also an artifact that will be very useful for various tasks of your daily life.

In addition to the above, remember that you can always experiment by applying your original ideas. Don’t underestimate the fact that your table is one more element within all those that will make up the image of your room; however, that table by itself can look splendid if you configure it properly.

Details such as the strategic spot where you are going to place it can make a great difference. Try how it looks with different rugs or without any of them, make sure that it makes a good contrast with the colors of the rest of the furniture you have chosen, pay attention to the style of the ornaments you selected and verify that everything keeps an adequate relationship. Get the best out of your Noguchi table and make sure you are using it in the smartest way!