Ultimate Guide to the Iconic Egg Chair

Source: Deoist

Out of all the designs synonymous with MCM, none are more revered and none more influential on pop culture than Jacobsen’s quintessential Egg Chair. This iconic design has been in production ever since its release. It became a Danish classic!


 Arne Jacobsen, son of a safety pin trader, was born in Copenhagen in 1902 and showed an extraordinary talent for drawing, sculpture and design from an early age. First intending to become a painter, he later decided that a career in architecture was a more sensible choice.

Source: Decoist

Though the leap from painter to architect may seem unusual, both mediums proved to give him a platform for personal expression. In 1958, he was commissioned to design every aspect of the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. 

He creatively mastered everything from architecture to the furnishing, including the Egg Chair, to lighting and even the cutlery used in the restaurants. In testament to Jacobsen’s progressive eye for design, the building was the tallest in Denmark for an impressive reign of two decades. 

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Groundbreaking Design

Always pushing boundaries of design, Arne Jacobsen’s sculptural Egg Chair brought many now common design techniques into the mainstream. The most notable of which is the molded fibreglass shell, while allowing for a lightweight, yet incredibly strong shape. 

Back then, these types of shapes could only be obtained with wood or steel. Making furniture manufactured in fiberglass was unheard of before. This innovative use of materials gave the Egg Chair its unique cocooning shape. 

Source: Decoist

It was specifically created in order to give people that much-needed privacy in public areas, such as hotel lobbies. For a truly clean design, the Egg Chair was originally upholstered in fabric with visible seams only surrounding the edge and underside. 

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