Wegner Shell Chair – 3 Legged Beauty with Scandinavian Vibe

The Shell Chair is, hands down, the most intriguing Danish design of the 20th century. Since its appeal is certainly not trivial, it’s perhaps why the three legged beauty was not an instant hit. It took people 35 years to fully appreciate the extraordinary chair’s unconventional form.


Legendary Danish Modernism figure Hans J. Wegner was the mastermind behind the Shell Chair. Even though it was first introduced in 1963, its compelling story dates way back to 1948. Back then, he experimented with an innovative process of molding plywood.  

shell chair

Source: Visual Hunt

The three legged Shell Chair was officially debuted at a Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. Its futuristic, avant-garde shape made the public reluctant even though it was loved by critics. The mass production was stopped! 

Luckily, according to Merchant & Makers, in 1997 a few Shell Chairs were auctioned at Sotheby’s, London, going for £20,000. It’s story dramatically changed! Going back into production, it enjoyed a breakthrough in the design industry. 

shell chair

Source: Home Designing


The shape of the Shell Chair is ascetic, but elegant and unusual. This uniqueness and floating lightness was popular in Scandinavian design according to The Method Case.

And, t embodies its designer’s famous credo, claiming: “A chair should have no rear view. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” 

Of course, the chair with its iconic curvy design looks appealing under any angle and incredibly futuristic. Its organic curves and lightiness was expertly achieved by using molded plywood.

shell chair

Source: Visual Hunt

The wood used consists of layers of trendy walnut plywood with oak veneer. A span of the chair, with its wing like parabolic form, is a distinctive characteristic of the design, giving its famous smiling appearance. The three legged base is another remarkable feature!

While supported on three legs, the Shell Chair is stable thanks to a low center of gravity. With a bent backrest, it hints at its relaxing feel. And, it comes in a range of fine leather choices. Even if this Danish icon is a modern piece of art, it’s surprisingly comfy and functional. 

shell chair

Source: Dwell

Last Thoughts 

Even if Wegner’s Shell Chair didn’t have a good initial reception, the design has been produced until now, and it can be seen in homes worldwide. What does this prove? Great design that wasn’t in style will never go out of style! 

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