Wegner Shell Chair – the Epitome of Organic Modernism

The momentous impact that Danish design, like the, has had on architecture, interiors and furniture design internationally can’t be denied. Danish design enjoys a level of democracy and integrity surpassing other countries. 

Today, Hans Wegner and other notable Danish illustrious 20th century designers keep a position of prominence, with an influence exerted thanks to their modern design thinking. And, Wegner’s masterpiece Shell Chair, is the epitome of Organic Modernism.

shell chair

Source: Decoist

Arguably his most unconventional designs, the 3 legged Shell Chair was presented at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition in 1963. The Shell Chair’s sculptural shape is the epitome of minimalist expressionism and example of both Danish Modernism and Organic Modernism.

Brief History 

Wegner’s design genius and inventive prowess ensured his many chair designs would become much-loved, acclaimed works. In fact, his furniture designs, including the Shell Chair, are now in production by Danish manufacturing grande dames.

shell chair

Organic Modernism

Being an integral to Danish Modernism, Wegner was also a leading figure of Organic Modernism. In the 1950s, he was the only designer employing an organic style of furniture design, a methodology that boosted his popularity. 

While his approach was experimental and carefree, it was also humane. He was concerned as much with a product’s sustainability and usability as with its aesthetic. Even if his work combined complex techniques with organic and sculptural shapes, it was never abstract. 

Source: Decoist

The striking Shell Chair with an avant-garde designed in 1963, a prime example of Organic Modernism, is conceivably Wegner’s best modern designs ever. Its profile is handsome from every angle, and its seat and back ensure users enjoy a comfy position.

Shell Chair in Norwegian Ministries

Norway’s Government obviously understands great design. Three iconic Shell Chairs sit in a hall at Norway’s Ministry of Health and Care Services, located in downtown Oslo. With their fine contemporary edge, these beauties perfectly temper the hall’s air of formality. 

We hope this info truly inspires you. As you can see, Wegner’s three legged beauty is the epitome of Organic Modernism. For the Shell Chair replica and other Danish furniture pieces, visit Manhattan Home Design.

Source: Decoist

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