Wegner’s Iconic Chairs – From Shell Chair to Flag Halyard

According to Forbes, Hans Wegner’s name is a staple in Scandinavian design around the world, and his chair designs seeming simple, ushered an appreciation for Danish modern design in America. 

Though many craftsmen may build you a chair, design master Wegner earns the distinction of creating a range of iconic chair designs, including the the three-legged Shell Chair designed in 1963. 

Source: Dwell

Wegner began as an apprentice with a cabinetmaker before studying at the Danish Design School and the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts, where he refined his style.

Amazingly, he designed over 500 chair styles during his heralded career. No wonder MODERN Magazine celebrated his centennial! Here’s a look at 3 of his gems:

1. Shell Chair

Source: Decoist

The public was reluctant to accept the Shell Chair with an avant-garde vibe when it debuted. WOW… It was ahead of its time! Yet critics loved it! This three legged beauty with Nordic features is the edgiest piece from modernist design master Wegner. 

The Shell Chair was first introduced at the furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen back in 1963. Thankfully, the public adored its airy, curvy new version which was reintroduced in 1997.

2. Ox Chair

Source: Decoist

Wegner’s favorite furniture piece ever was the sculptural Ox Chair. It was wrapped in leather and perched on a chromed steel base, proving MCM design doesn’t have to be so serious. 

Overly inflated shapes shown in Picasso’s paintings inspired this design icon in 1960. If you take Surrealism as a point of reference, this chair is incredibly true to their shape. 

3. Flag Halyard Chair

Source: Decoist 

The Flag Halyard Chair was designed in the 40s and was inspired by a hot summer day at the beach. Supposedly, Wegner came up with the idea as he was carving a spot in the sand to relax. 

This iconic chair is supported by a flag line through a stainless steel frame and lux sheepskin cover, for the ultimate relaxation.

Source: Home and Design

We hope this truly inspires you. Which of these lounge chairs by Danish icon Wegner did you like best? Our favorite one is the Shell Chair. It was ahead of its time! Even if this three legged beauty wasn’t in style back then, now it will never be out of style. 

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