What an Eames Lounge chair replica can do for your living space

Manhattan Home Design is an online retailer of mid-century modernist furniture, currently enjoying a certain status as a replica manufacturer, featured on the Houzz portal and other sites. They also sell bedroom sets and gorgeous living room furnishings, but the crown jewel of the website is the Classic Lounge chair, or what they call their replica of the Eames Lounge chair, created in the 60s by Charles and Ray Eames, the poster designers for the American mid-century modern movement. The Eames Lounge chair replica is one of the most iconic items in all of design.

Though mid-century modern furniture is usually associated with some exaggerated items, the Eames Lounge chair replica deviates from the others on its simplicity and sleekness, replacing puffier and bulkier lounge chairs with its sleek upholstery and its modular configuration, as well as the natural-looking walnut finish, only two materials to create a masterpiece. There is, of course, many variations that Manhattan Home Design also sells, but the unadorned, neutrally colored, and black leather variant is what stays with most people, and the best-selling item in the whole roster.

Where did the Eames Lounge chair come from?

Within the world of art and design there are certain “trends” that people follow in order to make their creative wishes come true, or to adjust the space they’re designing to their own personal needs and aspirations. Charles and Ray Eames were innovators, and they did not exactly desire to get away from these trends, but they did want to embrace them in a different way. This is the concept that initially gave birth to the Eames Lounge chair.

The final prototype of the Eames Lounge chair, the one that made it into a TV show back in the sixties, is all about forgoing ornaments and returning to the object’s essence. In short, they knew this chair was going to have less things, and that it might have been conceived as a little plainer than other items, however, people would get something in return: breathing space, flexibility, and a lot less things to worry about when it came to interior design. The Eames Lounge chair is pure, unadulterated, luxury and elegance, just like other iconic items from the mid-century modern era.

Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge chair replica directly embodies these feelings of minimalism, elegance, and new values that ended up replacing the old modern furniture of the era and giving us what we now know and love. The color palette is mild and warm in the variants that they have in their catalog, so there is something for everyone. However, the main configuration is the all-black, walnut variant, in most cases. Starting at $994 for this very model, there are also brown leather and wool variants, as well as white variants, but at a higher price range.

How do I know if the Eames Lounge chair replica is for me?

Go to MHD’s website and take a look at the Eames Lounge chair replica. Would you be happy including this item into your house? Does it feel like enough for you? Those are probably the first two questions you need to answer. Do you often feel smothered by your belongings? Does your house feel like a real hassle to clean up? These questions could also tell you if you need maybe just a bit of that simple and appealing elegance in your life.

Of course, some people see the Eames Lounge chair replica as a blank canvas. Once they get the product they will add color, contrast, and ornaments. This is also valid and positive, after all, the furniture is yours!