What Does It Take To Achieve Mid-Century Modern Style?

Style is defined by many factors: the predominant materials, the designs of the chosen furniture, the proportions of the spaces, and even the lighting and colors. However, in this sense, the pieces of furniture have the greatest importance in what the environment is capable of transmitting. For example, when it comes to the Mid-Century Modern style, it’s common to include recognized and highly significant pieces such as the Noguchi table, the Eames Lounge Chair, and even some fixtures such as the Arco lamp in the layout.

These relevant aspects don’t only apply to interior design in domestic spaces, but also in office environments. It’s usual that lovers of this style also choose it to decorate and give personality to the physical space where they carry out their daily workday. An Eames Office Chair belonging to the Aluminum Group is an almost inevitable inclusion for lovers of this style because these chairs are not only an icon of it but also technically convenient designs, for all their functionalities and for being made with the better materials.

Mid-Century Modern