What Is The Secret of Good Space Management?

The secret of proportions in the space of a compartment is directly linked to perception. Has it ever happened to you that you have entered a really small living room but with furniture of such adequate size that everything felt and looked completely balanced? Probably with a Noguchi table and some sofa, and that’s it. Surely yes; and in the same way, there are compartments too big for the furniture they have, and as much as their owners try to fill them, they always seem empty. The point is: no one wants a too crowded living room but neither does it look empty. The key is to discover the perfect balance.

An average-sized living room can look great with furniture well-suited to its proportions, with adequate lighting, probably supported by an Arco lamp or some other floor lamp, powerful enough. If the living room is larger than usual and there’s some space left over, an Eames Lounge Chair can be a good alternative to complement the functionality of the place. Also, some spaces have multiple purposes, which is why some people also add an Eames Office Chair to convert a part of it into a Home Office. Regardless of the proportions of your space, always remember to choose the furniture that best suits your proportions and manage them well to make the best use of it.

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