Which Tulip Table Shape Are You?

Round, oval, square, marble top, wood top, fiberglass top? Which Tulip Table are you? The tulip dining table is an incredibly significant purchase, and the endless possibilities out there hinder, instead of help.

Get it right and you’ll be the host with the most for many years to come, get it wrong and you’ll be cramming your guests at a tight dining room you can barely move around between meals.

tulip table

Source: Decorpad

To take the headache out of shopping for your dining space delight, check out our clever guide to avoid regret and select the ideal Tulip Table for your home and your heart…

Round Tulip Table

Perfect for intimate dining, round tulip dining tables work well for up to six diners. Even if  some may accommodate more people, serving, sharing food and conversing becomes trickier with substantially large round tables. It’s vital to pick the ideal size for your space!

tulip table

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Smaller round tables are a terrific option for small dining areas that only occasionally accommodate large groups, and eat-in kitchens where the table is tucked into a corner. 

Oval Tulip Table

Similar in dimension to the rectangular ones, oval tulip dining tables rely on no sharp corners, and the ability to accommodate any extra last-minute diner. 

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

First suited specifically to traditional interiors, after a lengthy hiatus, they’re making a comeback in mid century modern and contemporary inspired settings.

Square Tulip Table

Modern and cool, square Tulip Tables need plenty of space, but work pretty well in a generous formal dining setting or spacious open concept. Another benefit of this shape is the intimacy it offers.

tulip table

Source: Dwell

Don’t forget to place diners within close, conversational distance. Small square dining tables are terrific for compact rooms, as they fit snugly into any nook when only being used by two people.

We hope this info truly inspires you. So, which Tulip Table shape are you? We’d love to know your feedback! Tell us in the comments section below. 

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