Why Interior Designers Love the Stylish Tulip Table

The stylish Tulip Table will forever be a mid century modern masterpiece. Searching for smoothness and fluidity in the dining room, Eero Saarinen masterfully created the one legged Tulip Table, one that certainly made its mark. 

Outlasting decades due to its uncluttered, sleek design and gorgeous shape, this table has been immortalized by interior designers worldwide. Wondering exactly why so many designers love the stylist Tulip Table? Read on.. You’ll be intrigued!

tulip table

Source: TulipTable

Comes in Subdued Hues

Saarinen’s modern table comes in a minimal, understated color scheme, from white to marble to wood to black. Its modern color monotony is what makes the table ideal for beautiful color contrast. 

The white hue looks stunning against bright colors, jewel-toned backgrounds and dark tints. Black Tulip Tables look brilliant against the light backgrounds. Its visual versatility is highly attractive for decorators.

tulip table

Comes in Many Sizes

The curves and contours of Saarinen’ pedestal table have been masterfully designed in a way for it to suit every space – be it tiny kitchen nook or huge open concept space. What’s even better is that the tabletop comes in different sizes, from dining to coffee to side to bar. 

This way, you may pick a size that perfectly suits your space. Another point in its favor, and another reason why decorators love it.

tulip table

Source: Homedit

Flexible Versatility

The thing about the pedestal table is it’s classic shape and sleekness. This not only boosts its visual adaptability, but also lets it be showcased in a myriad of settings like residential, retail and commercial. 

Tulip Table replicas are used extensively in bars, upscale restaurants, business offices and airport lounges. This functional adaptability and pragmatism makes it a decorator favorite.

As you can see, Saarinen’s table will forever be a masterpiece. Visit Manhattan Home Design for Tulip Table replicas. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted pieces.

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