Why the Tulip Table is a Mid Century Modern Design Icon

Ever struggled to fit all the chairs under a dining table? Then you perfectly understand the dilemma that is to fit chairs under four legged dining tables. Half a century ago, industrial designer and architect Eero Saarinen recognized the dilemma and fixed it, coming up with the iconic Tulip Table

Trying to design simple furniture, Modernist Saarinen said, “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs. I wanted to make the chair all one thing again.”

tulip  table

The result? A round, flat base with a “stem” that served as the only leg, also known as pedestal, for this collection of tables and chairs. The Tulip Table is available in dining, coffee, side and bar sizes topped with round, oval or square surfaces wider than their round base. 

The Tulip Table was an instant when it was first designed by mid century mastermind Saarineen, and this timeless furniture piece can still be seen in stylish interiors with mid century modern style worldwide.

How It Works

The slim footprint of the Tulip Table makes it an ingenious addition to any living room, dining room or eat-in kitchen. When paired with classic chairs, benches, banquettes or sofas, the pedestal table’s uncluttered design keeps things from getting crowded under the table. 

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

And even if the design is highly striking on its own, the tulip shaped table doesn’t take much visual space, allowing its contemporary shape to seamlessly blend with classic aesthetics.

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