Womb chair 5 best ways to use it

In 1948 designer Eero Saarinen, mid-century modern mastermind, created a seat that resembles sinking into a sea full of pillows: Womb Chair & Ottoman

As you may already know, this little seat it’s one of the most iconic furniture pieces from the mid-century modern movement. Molded by foam, including vanguardist fiberglass shell and supported by splayed steel rod legs, this unique form lounge defines comfort and style. More than 60 years later, 40th-year-old Eero Saarinen, had ever imagined the impact it’s particular looking creation is having on our current society. 

Nowadays, people, whether they’re interior designers or non-mid-century modern aesthetics fanatics, will have seen Womb Chairs at least once in their life. Indeed, maybe, they may want to get it for their dream space, even, they do not know much about decoration. So, help you achieve those dream place goals. Today, we decided to bring an ultimate and simple guide that incorporates this gorgeous masterwork into any design. 

Texture meets Womb Chair

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This piece may not come in different silhouettes but, what they do have is different color variations that people can choose to match with their room decoration. Also, its statement- worthy fabric is splendid to add personality into classically styled spaces. 

For example, picture this: all-white living room, library or office, dressed with different textured fabrics, cornered by unique but uncolored decorations and: Bam! A bright Orange Womb Chair & Ottoman replica that uplifts the entire environment. Now, use this formula for other monotone rooms that may exist, and turn it into something special just by adding it.

A book reading seat 

Just as Florence Knoll requested, Saarinen created his masterpiece so the world could finally have a lounge that could remain comfortable in any sitting position. Nowadays, thanks to its functionality the best places we can advise you to fit it are studies, offices or libraries. Perhaps offices are notorious for their boredom-monotony, it does not mean you’ll keep them like this. Indeed, Eero Saarinen creation, whether it is an original or a replica, is meant to break boring aesthetics and add a splash of eccentricity. 

Let’s use our imagination again: Home office or study, rustic accents (wooden units, wall panels, desks, accessories), brown and white pieces, library. Now, add a red or purple Saarinen seat, for those into the retro-eclectic kind-of eccentric vibe, to the picture. Or, if you’ll prefer the modern but conservative “cozy meets classical” type of scheme, imagine it white or gray. 

It does not matter what style are you into, it’ll be the mold-breaking presence in the room that everyone needs. This seat style and comfort are two of its most appealing qualities; making it a perfect candidate for cozy, contemporary designed reading nooks. Also, this seat has a sculptural shape — it not only fits and molds contours of your body in comfortable, natural ways but serves as a piece of art as well.

Get it in the Lobby 

This idea is not so typical, as the Womb Chair is an almost exclusive piece people rather have in their office or private rooms than for others to enjoy. However, because high-quality replicas have come to earth to save our wallets, getting more than one is a go-to if you want to get Larry and Susan’s surprise when they come by. Think about it, if you’re gonna make that dreamed-place happened anyways, what’s left is going big or going home. C’mon, put one in the lobby or the most common room in the house! 

Saarinen’s creation incorporates a refined style. It’s straightforward and stylish. Additionally, is extremely comfy, so is a match for furnishing publicly areas. Having this seat will seamlessly supply comfort and aesthetic to any type of house. So, why hesitating to get a replica there?

Jawbreaker sleeping space

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Talking about keeping those pillow baskets for ourselves in private rooms. Another good way to get all that juicy styled that this piece owns into any design, is placing it on main bedrooms. Saarinen’s masterpiece replicas are meant to provide a place to relax without overusing rooms. 

Adding a green (for light color furniture) or white (for vivid color furniture) reproduction of these pieces gives the room an anchoring point. Indeed, it’ll add both color and shapely contrast, making the room feel warm and livable, while you’ll have an iconic extra nap piece. 

Emphasize your style 

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Maybe you’ll go mid-century. 

What about a minimalist house?

Are you up for classical and conservative style? 

It does not matter what you’ll prefer for your house, this piece along with its ottoman were made to stand out in the crowd of any corner.

If you need the final touch to emphasize visual diversity in any house theme, get one. It can be the perfect complement for other furniture that’s just as unique and funky. It’ll achieve style-on-style contrast while making your spaces more dynamic and visually appealing.

So, why waiting to add a Womb Chair replica into your design wish list? 

These are only 5 ideas you can start with, but we can assure you’ll get more creative once it arrives home! 

Getting the Womb replica is a no-regrets strategy for interior design!

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