Womb Chair’s Magnificent Story

Imagine a comfy chair you could nestle into, like diving into a pile pillows? Believe it or not, it already exists… Is’t not other than the enveloping Womb Chair! This iconic mid century modern design by mastermind Eero Saarinen mimics the cosseting of a womb.

Prone to experimentation, Saarinen investigated how comfort was defined by shape, not by overstuffed cushions as it was in the mid century. He decided to use fiberglass, a material unheard of back then. 

According to Architectural Digest, the sculptural Womb Chair is the most recognized representation of the organic modernism movement and Saarinen’s legacy.

womb chair

Source: Dwell

Man Behind the Icon

Both a furniture designer and architect, Finnish/American Saarinen is a pioneer of the mid century design industry. He has created a myriad of groundbreaking furnishings and buildings during his life. 

His legacy is filled with projects perfectly portraying his out-of-the-box thinking. Even to this day, the unique aesthetics of the TWI Terminal in the JFK Airport remains a study in style. 

His uncluttered, sleek Tulip Table, has sprouted many reproductions over the past decades. Sarineen was so talented that, somehow, his brilliant eye and fascination with shapes, was able to devise the trailblazing Womb Chair. He reinvented the conventional in innovative ways!

womb chair

Source: Dwell

More About the Design Icon 

The visually pleasing, subtle Womb Chair dethroned the overstuffed cushion chair of the era. It delivers the best resting positions, without compromising its unique aesthetics. The enveloping shape of the chair did just that by offering a relaxing way to rest the user’s body. 

Comprising only a few materials, the Womb Chair consists of a wool-wrapped, molded fiberglass bucket set atop legs of tubular steel.

Its incredibly sculptural shape with artistic expression set precedent for a timeless look! Its single-piece body is still a classic now, and the cozy Womb Chair has become a coveted accent piece worldwide. 

womb chair

Source: Decorpad

As you can see, the sophisticated organic shape of the Womb Chair with a modernist design is genius in its simplicity. We hope this info helps you truly understand the magnificent story and distinctness of Saarinen’s masterpiece.

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