Womb Chair’s Matching Interior Design Styles

Eero Saarinen’s enveloping Womb Chair was devised in 1948. This was thanks to friend Florence Knoll’s request of a chair like a basket full of pillows to curl up on according to Decoist.  Pretty amazing! Considering getting one of these design icons but know exactly how to incorporate it into your home’s interior style? We can help! Here are a few interior design styles for which the Womb Chair would make an excellent addition:

Source: Decoist

  • Modern – The organic, clean line Womb chair makes a great addition in a modern ambiance. Its unique form and colorful upholstery makes it the perfect accent piece.
  • Eclectic – Furnishing the womb shaped chair in a beautifully mismatched living space ramps up its uniqueness. I’ll look awesome in eclectic style interiors!
  • Contemporary – The stunning Womb Chair replica has a timeless aesthetic that looks totally on-point in a contemporary interior like all of Saariene’s furniture pieces.

We hope this info inspires you and helps you perfectly incorporate the Womb Chair reproduction into your home. For this lounge chair, visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted items.

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