Your Furniture Selection Has Great Importance In The Consistency Of Your Style

Maintaining the coherence of a style throughout all its characteristics can be a laborious and even difficult task when the most representative designs of a trend or the properties that define it are not known. Styles such as Scandinavian, Industrial, Transitional, Bohemian, Nautical, etc., have certain distinctive features that facilitate their identification and make it easier for the decorator to find coherence and a valid meaning in the layout they want to give life to.

The Mid-Century Modern style, for its part, includes in its catalog some pieces and designs of great significance due to their great artistic potential, their important influence, and the characteristics that associate them with that style. The Noguchi Table, the Eames Lounge Chair, the Arco lamp, and even the Eames Office Chair for work environments are pieces that help give strength and identity to the style that you want to give to an environment. These are pieces with simple and minimalist but very elegant designs, focused on functionality and practicality. Any designer who wants to give the space they are creating a Mid-Century Modern style can turn to these models as a direct alternative and a sure bet to achieve a consistent and powerful style.

Mid-Century Modern